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Analyze Windows event logs efficiently

Event Log Explorer™ advantages for managers and decision makers

Windows event logs are the subject of interest to various specialists. To ensure network stability and prevent system failures, Windows administrators commonly check the event log on daily basis. Information security professionals regularly check the contents of security logs. Moreover, when it comes to searching and eliminating the causes of troubles, investigating into security incidents or serious failures, one have to undertake full-scale research of Windows event logs.

No matter which department or workgroup you are in charge of, you should know that according to our users' feedback, Event Log Explorer doubles Windows logs analyses productivity in compare with standard Event Viewer. And the specialists not only get the job done faster, they get it done better.

The use of Event Log Explorer brings the following benefits:

Quick search of problem causes
Event Log Explorer provides fast discovery of failure causes, thus reducing the time for their elimination.

Simple way to create reports
Event Log Explorer helps you automate various report generation on Windows events in a simple and easy way.

Increase productivity of employees
Event Log Explorer boosts all kinds of event log tasks. The staff works faster, which results in faster recovery time after an incident.

Easy to use ‐ no specialist training required
With Event Log Explorer any IT specialist is able to work with and monitor Windows logs on regular basis. No special qualification required to start.

Easy deployment
Event Log Explorer doesn't require any additional software installation. It doesn't require to setup or tune up databases, or network computers. Just install the application to start working.

Regulatory compliance
Event Log Explorer Elodea uses the industrial standard database (MS SQL Server) to store events. All events are stored in a simple and user-friendly format. So, you can use any report generator to build compliance reports to meet the regulatory requirements.

Customer-driven updates and reasonable pricing
Event Log Explorer is regularly updated with new features. Most of the features were suggested by our users.

The license includes one year of free maintenance, which can be extended at a very reasonable price.


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