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Analyze Windows event logs efficiently

Compare editions of Event Log Explorer

Event Log Explorer has two editions: Standard and Enterprise.

The standard edition is intended for forensic examiners, IT managers, QA and tech support personal. It includes Event Log Explorer (viewer) and some command-line tools for event log backup.

The enterprise edition is intended for system and security administrators and IT auditors. This edition extends the standard one by Elodea event collector which automatically collects events across the network and store them into a database with optional notifications on specific events. It also includes event log export command line tools to export events into a database, Excel, PDF, ODS, CSV, and HTML formats.

You can receive the following benefits from using Event Log Explorer Enterprise Edition:

If you server becomes unavailable, you can check the last error and warning events on the server to find the reason of the problem.

Forensic analysis
You can audit security logs across the corporate network to detect unauthorized access, computer misuse or other user activities.

Network maintenance
Having events from different sources in one consolidated event database lets you analyze them in one place and find potential problems before they appear.

Fast reaction
You can choose to get notified when important events occur in the event logs. E.g. you can get email if disk space is low on your domain controller. Such a notification lets you fix the issue quickly and avoid network outrage.

Regulatory compliance
It uses the industrial standard database (MS SQL Server) to store events. All events are stored in a simple and user-friendly format. So, you can use any report generator to build compliance reports to meet the regulatory requirements.

Event Log Explorer editions comparison chart

Component Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Event Log Explorer Viewer

Elodea Event Collector -
Event Log Backup
Event Log Database Exporter -
Event Log Exporter -