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Analyze Windows event logs efficiently

Elodea – Windows event log dispatcher and alerter

A new product in Windows event management.

Elodea lets you get all activity across your network and respond to threats and incidents.
Elodea monitors network events in real time, forwards them into a reliable database and notifies you when an incident (important event) occurs. Your own rules let you collect only relevant events.
Having a centralized event database helps you provide forensic investigations and improve system and security management on your network.


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Elodea User's Guide


Key features

Database storage
Elodea collects events from servers and workstations and exports them into MS SQL Server database. Using your own collection rules, you can create as many database tables as you want.
Filter only required events
Using your own collection rules, you can choose what events and from which machines should be collected. Filtering events saves your network traffic and database storage.
Alert on certain events
Elodea can alarm you when a certain event occurs. It can send an email, execute a program or send an HTTP (POST) request to your server. This keeps you notified about all important events in your network.
Event Log Explorer compatibility
To access events in the database you can use our Event Log Explorer software which represents event tables like general Windows event logs.



If you server becomes unavailable, you can check the last error and warning events on the server to find the reason of the problem.
Forensic analysis
You can audit security logs across the corporate network to detect unauthorized access, computer misuse or other user activities.
Network maintenance
Having events from different sources in one consolidated event database lets you analyze them in one place and find potential problems before they appear.
Fast reaction
You can choose to get notified when important events occur in the event logs. E.g. you can get email if disk space is low on your domain controller. Such a notification lets you fix the issue quickly and avoid network outrage.
Regulatory compliance
Elodea uses the industrial standard database (MS SQL Server) to store events. All events are stored in a simple and user-friendly format. So, you can use any report generator to build compliance reports to meet the regulatory requirements.