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Analyze Windows event logs efficiently

Event Log Explorer™ for Windows infrastructure administrators

It is impossible to find a system administrator or security specialist for whom the problem of event log analysis has never been acute. To keep your network safe and sound you have to constantly trace valid and invalid logon attempts, events related to resource use, such as creating, opening, or deleting of files, etc. This process of monitoring Windows event logs has always devoured a lot of time.
Our users reported that with Event Log Explorer they save time and effort and their log research productivity increased twice.

This great result is primarily due to advanced features of Event Log Explorer:

High performance
Event Log Explorer loads events into a temporary storage (disk or memory) and performs all further operations with this storage. Besides, it can filter out needless events right at loading stage.
Advanced filters
Event Log Explorer provides 5 (five) ways to filter events by virtually any criteria. The filters are reusable ‐ you can save filters and apply them when requierd. You can even filter by event description with the power of regular expressions.
Instant access
Event Log Explorer lists computers, their event logs and log files in the tree. You can open or manage any event log in the tree with just a click.
Credential manager
Event Log Explorer lets you store user credentials for computers you manage. When you open an event log from a remote computer, the program looks up the credentials and access the computer with these credentials.
Print and export
With Event Log Explorer you can print events or export them into different formats (txt, html, xlsx, and even evt). You can customize the list of exported columns, choose between different print layouts and define the scope of the output ‐ the whole event view or just selected events.
Analytical reports
Event Log Explorer makes it easy to build pivot tables and charts based on the events. You can consider such reports as a starting point for futher deeper research.
Event Log Explorer enables you to automate some tasks. E.g. you can schedule it to export events every day and save them as Excel file in a specific folder.
Active monitoring
You can tune Event Log Explorer to check for new events regularily and notify you (e.g. by email) when a specific event appears. This feature lets you react to the problem promptly and minimize possible damage to your system.
Event Log Explorer provides 3 (three) ways of backing up. You can backup each event log manually, run backup as a batch task or make Windows to backup log automatically.

This partial list of features makes Event Log Explorer very useful for Windows admins.

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