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Remove Computer or Group
Sorting Items in Tree
Computers tree context menu
Filter/Search Window
XML Query window
Linked Event filter window
Select computer dialog
Description server
Peer-to-peer network issues
Event log backup utility
Event Log Database Export utility
License Agreement

Exporting Event Logs

Event Log Explorer allows you to export current log view to different formats. Current version exports to Html documents, tab separated text files and Microsoft Excel (both legacy and 2007) documents.

To export current log view select File->Export from the main menu.
In Export Log dialog box select target file format and export scope.
Enable Export event description to add event descriptions to the export file.
Enable Close this dialog when export is done to close Export dialog right after export procedure is complete.


Note: Due to Excel document limitations, Event Log Explorer is unable to export more then 65500 events to Excel format. If you need to export more than 65500 events, you should export to Excel 2007 format.


You can also export event log into EVT file. Read Backing up Event Logs for more informaion.

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