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Peer-to-peer network issues
Event log backup utility
Event Log Database Export utility
License Agreement

Event Log View

Event log view is a visual representation of event log.

Log view consists of

Event list

Control toolbar

Description box


Event list

Event list is the main element of Event Log Explorer. It displays log view as a scrollable table.

The following event log columns are available:

  • Event Type (Information, Warning, Error, Audit Success, Audit Failure)
  • Event Date
  • Event Time
  • Event ID
  • Source Name
  • Category Name
  • User name (including domain name)
  • Computer name
  • Description (if View -> Description in Line is enabled).

Some Event Log Explorer commands (e.g. Copy to clipboard) may work with multiple selection.

To select several events in the event list

If they are contiguous:

  1. Click the first message
  2. Go down the list to the last message
  3. Press and hold SHIFT, and then click the last message. The whole set of messages will be selected.

If they are are not contiguous press and hold CTRL, and then click each message that you want to select.

To sort the list by a certain column, click on the column header. Click a second time to reverse the sort order. To sort event list from the oldest events to the newest or visa versa, select View -> Oldest First or View -> Newest First from the main menu.

To popup Event list context menu click right mouse button anywhere on the Event list.

See also: Bookmarking events, Filtering events, Event list context menu, Viewing Event Logs

Control toolbar

Log view control toolbar displays log view status message (e.g. Loading, Filtering, Showing events), event list navigator buttons (First, Previous, Next, Last) and different status indicators:

Indicator Description
Log loaded partially. You can double click on this icon to display log loading options.
Log loading error.
Time correction is enabled for the computer.
Autorefresh enabled. You can double click on this icon to change autorefresh interval.
Non-default description server is set.
Event log is loaded into memory/temporary file


Description box

Description box displays event description (Description tab) and binary data (Data tab) associated with the selected event.

To hide or show the description box, select View -> Show Description Box from the main menu.


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