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  • 15. Credential Manager

15. Credential Manager

Credential manager is intended to store user names and passwords.
To open Credential manager, select Advanced -> Credentials from the main menu.
To add a new credential, click Add and input machine name, user name and user password.
To change an existing credential, click Edit button. To change several existing credentials, select several items in the list, then click Edit button.
To remove selected or all credentials, click Remove or Clear all respectively.
Whenever you connect a remote computer, Event Log Explorer will check if you assigned an alternative credential for this computer. If you did, it will try to apply this credential.
Event Log Explorer stores credentials globally (in "C:\ProgramData\Event Log Explorer\Globals\Credentials.xml"), so the credentials persists when you create a new workspace with Event Log Explorer. Elodea Event Collector also uses the same credentials.