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  • 23. Event ID Condition

23. Event ID Condition

In the most dialog windows which prompt you to input Event ID condition (like filter, search, XML query etc.) you can input multiple event ids.
If you want to specify several event IDs, you can use coma as a delimiter.
E.g. 10,20,30 means that events with Event Id = 10 or 20 or 30 will match the condition.
Event Log Explorer provides a handy way to specify event ranges and exception ranges.
To specify a range of IDs, use "-" (minus).
E.g. 10-50,100-200 means that events with Event ID from 10 to 50 or from 100 to 200 will match the condition.
You can use "!" to specify the exception list of events. All events and event ranges following "!" will be considered as exceptions.
!100,101 means all events except 100 and 101.
10,100-1000,2000-5000!250,500-600,3000-3200 is equal to  10,100-249,251-499,601-1000,2000-2999,3201-5000.