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  • 2. Quick Start

2. Quick Start


Opening Event Logs

When you start Event Log Explorer first time, you will see an empty log view area and computer tree with your local computer.
To open an event log from your local computer, click on near the computer name in the computer tree. This will expand the computer node to show all event logs available. Double click on the log name you want to display - this log will be opened in the log view area.
To open en event log from a remote computer, add this computer to the computer tree. To add a computer to the tree, select Tree->Add computer from the main menu or just click . When the computer appears in the tree, expand it and double click on the required event log.

Opening Event Log Files

To open an event log file select File->Open Log File or click . Browse for your file and click OK.

Viewing Event Properties

To display event properties for a specific event, just double click this event. You will see the Event Properties dialog. Switch to XML tab to display an XML representation of the event. Note that the XML is not available for legacy event log files (EVT).
To close Event Properties dialog, just press Close button. If you close a log view, the corresponding Event Properties dialog will be closed automatically.

Export Event Log to Excel Document

To save current event log view in Excel document, select File->Export from the main menu.
Select Excel in Export to group and click Export button.