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  • 26. Scripting

26. Scripting

Event Log Explorer comes with scripting support provided by FastScript/PascalScript (https://www.fast-report.com/en/product/fast-script/). Scripting support is available in Forensic and Enterprise Editions of Event Log Explorer.
To open Script console select Script->Script Console from the main menu.
New - clears the script console - make sure to save your current script before starting a new one.
Load - loads a saved script.
Save - saves the script console.
Run - runs the script typed in the console.
Break - tries to break the running script. This will stop the script, but will not break the current scripting operation, e.g. if you click Break when log is loading, this will not stop the loading operation (you may need to press Stop button near the loading progress to break the loading).
Clear - clears the debug output window.
Refer to the Event Log Explorer Scripting Reference to get to know how to make your own scripts.