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Feature matrix

Event Log Explorer components

Component Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Forensic Edition

Event Log Explorer Viewer

main component of Event Log Explorer
it has different features depending on the edition

Elodea Event Collector

collects events in the real time and saves them into a database

Event Log Backup

a utility to backup event logs into evtx files

Event Log Database Exporter

a utility to save event logs into a database (SQL Server)

Event Log Exporter

a utility to export event logs into different formats
(Excel, OpenOffice spreadsheet, PDF, etc.)

Event Log Explorer Viewer features

Feature Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Forensic Edition

Supported sources of events

Live event logs

local and remote

Event log files

EVTX and legacy EVT

Damaged event log files

EVTX and legacy EVT

Logs in a database

logs saved in an SQL server db

Disk images

imaged PC or deep scan of raw images

Event log snapshots

events saved in a file for future analysis

Filter and search

XML filter

XPath query

Log loading filter

exclude inessential events at the loading stage

General filter

the most powerful filtering option

Quick filter

quick way to set a simple filter

Linked filter

filter on linked events

Special marking filter

filter separate events in scripts

General search

search events using any criteria

Go to date

find an event of the specified date

Reporting and export

Print events

print event list using several predefined templates

Export events

export event list to Excel, Html, Text, PDF

Analytical reports

summary tables and pivot charts

Custom columns

Custom columns

user columns with with type support

Maximum number of custom columns in a view





script calculated custom columns

Event log tasks

Event log task management

create and modify user tasks

Task templates

create/modify task templates and create tasks based on the templates

Predefined task templates

a bunch of templates for everyday use

Additional features


store working environment in a workspace file

Merging logs

unite different event logs and log files in one log view

Import computers from different sources

Active Directory, XML file, text file

Color coding

by event type, source, id, description

Time correction

display event time in a specific time zone


bookmarking for faster navigation between events

Admin permission requirements

program start requires elevation



not require

Advanced features

Forensic specific options

snapshots, deep scan, checking anomalies, disk images

Description server

if a description not available, get it from another source

except imaged PC

except imaged PC

Credential manager

store credentials to connect other computers/domains


PascalScript to automate log-related tasks

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