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Analyze Windows event logs efficiently

Event Log Explorer versions

Event Log Explorer is a customer-driven software. Most of the advanced features were suggested by our users. With these features Event Log Explorer makes a step from ordinary event data viewing to its real analysis.

5.1 (2022-Jun-21)

[Forensic edition - New!]
+ Added working with imaged disks.
+ Added forensic opening.
+ Added searching for removed events feature.
+ Added deep scan feature.
+ Added snapshot features.
+ Added scripting.
[Enterprise edition]
+ Added scripting.
[All editions]
* Optimized filtering and sorting.
* UX improvements.
- Fixed bugs.

5.0.5 — 5.0.9 (2021-Aug-23 — 2022-Mar-3)

+ Color coding by event description added.
+ Event description could be highlighted depending on search, filter or color-coding conditions.
+ Filter by custom fileds - In list/not in list operators added.
* Copy cell contents to the clipboard added (in the log drop-down menu).
* Improved compatibility with Windows 11.
* Improved filtering by description content.
* New task templates added.
* You can now filter in the most of popup lists, e.g. list of sources or list of logs.
* UTC timezone option added in the Timezone dialog.
* Improved Add computers wizard.
* Removed EventID.net knowledgebase support since it doesn't work anymore.
- Fixed incorrect event description rendering for some events.
- Fixed a bug linked with event rendering description from remote servers.
- Fixed several minor bugs.

5.0 (2021-Jul-16)

+ New entity — Task. You can form a task as a set of different event logs, files (or XML query) with your own presets — filter, display options etc.
+ Predefined task templates to perform standard administrative tasks.
+ Temporary log storage is now always on the disk.
+ Search and filter by custom columns.
+ Custom columns are now based on XML values.
+ Full UNICODE support.
+ Application windows now can be scaled (manually or automatically depending on DPI).
+ Database tables (logs) are in the tree.
+ Query Builder added to the XML query filter.
+ Added fine-tune settings to get events from the database.
* A lot of minor improvements and options.
* Logs in the tree are now displayed in standard hierarchy.
* Improved performance and memory consumption.
* Redesigned time correction option.
* Improved diplaying on High DPI monitors.
- Bugs fixed.
! Support of Pre-Vista OS is discontinued (evt files are supported anyway).

4.9 (2019-Nov-13)

+ Added Statistics panel option for log view.
+ Added support of new event type (level: verbose).
+ Added option to display time in UTC for new log windows.
+ Added options to display date and time in different formats.
* Changed default storage to disk (you can switch it back to memory in Preferences).
* Improved Eldbx utility.
- Fixed several bugs.

4.8 (2019-Mar-18)

+ Integration with Elodea (COM server).
+ New batch backup utility ElbackX.
* Clear log command now clears SQL table when requried.
* Event Log Readers group now can access remote Security logs (no admin rights required).
* Improved Elback utility.
* Improved Eldbx utility.
- Fixed a minor bugs in event filter.

4.7 (2018-Dec-18)

+ Export to database added.
+ Reading logs from a database added.
+ Utility for unattended event log export added.
* Improved some informational dialogs.
- A lot of minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.6 (2017-Nov-3)

+ Merge into a new view command added (available in computer tree popup menu).
+ Refresh all event views command added.
+ Quick filter by custom columns (works with Memory data storage only).
+ New analytical report on a custom column.
- Fixed minor bugs and some typos.

Version 4.5.4 (2016-Nov-16)

+ New smartcopy to clipboard option.
* Showing number of selected events in status bar.
- Some event descriptions displayed incorrectly in Windows 10/2016. Fixed.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Forensic Edition Preview

+ Added special forensic features.

Version 4.5.3 (2016-Feb-12)

- Fixed bug preventing log loading if they have invalid dates in event description.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.5 (2015-Jul-23)

+ XPath queries (New API).
+ Show time in UTC.
* Improved time correction options (1 minute resolution).
* Imprived color coding (added color code by type and source).
* Improved credential management.
* Minor fixes and improvements.
- Some event descriptions displayed incorrectly (NewAPI). Fixed.
- Fixed memory leak in event alerter.

Version 4.4 (2015-Jan-13)

+ Export custom columns.
+ Print custom columns (Up to 2 custom columns, horizontal layout).
+ Custom columns sorting (for in-memory storage only).
+ Smart event(s) copy (Excel compatible).
+ Rename computer in the tree.
+ Option to store event alerter.
* Improved scheduled export.
* You can pre-filter events in log loading options by source.
* Multiple and exceptional filters in log loading options (using comma and exclamation mark).
* No select API dialog by default - it will use New API when possible.
* Minor bug fixes and improvements.
- Fixed bug with layout of Filter/Search dialog.
- Fixed serious memory leak bug (New API).

Version 4.3.7 (2014-Oct-06)

* Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 4.3 (2014-Aug-13)

+ Added Custom columns - you can extract information from description and display it in event list.
+ Added alerts by event type.
* NewAPI: Event description could be missing for some events. Fixed.
* NewAPI: Event category could be miscalculated for some events. Fixed.
* Filter window improvements.
* Added new analytical reports.
+ Added import tree options (when you import from a text file).
+ Option to show Record number.
+ Tooltips on tabs to display helpful information.
* Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 4.2 (2013-Oct-09)

+ Filtering by description params (for security logs).
* Alerter may compare events by source (not only by source+event id).
- Lots of UI bugs fixed.

Version 4.1 (2013-Apr-29)

+ Direct access to evtx files. You can now open evtx files even from Windows XP.
+ Displaying number of events in the tree (for New API only).
+ Drag and drop in the tree.
+ Event Alerter handles Event Description. (Use [Description] field).
+ Search for event in Google added.
* Open All Logs In Merger View now works with subfolders.
* Multiple log file open.
- Event descriptions from Windows 2008+ servers were inaccessible sometimes - fixed.
- Lots of minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.0 (2012-May-15)

+ Event Alerter.
+ Option to display only new events after refresh.
+ Option to autofit columns after load.
+ Friendly view XML view of event (for new event api only).
+ Pivot charts in analytical reports.
+ Several UI improvement options.
* Updated visual styles.
* Improved export options.
- Fixed some bugs.

Version 3.4 (2011-Nov-24)

+ Load filter popup on the main toolbar added.
* Improved credentials manager behavior.

Version 3.4 beta (2011-Nov-16)

+ Support of new event API to access more event logs on Vista, 7, 2008.
+ Credentials manager to store credentials and use them on log opens.
+ Advanced filtering on linked events.
+ Analytical reports - different summary tables.
+ XML view of event (for new event api only).
+ Command to disable filter temporarily.
+ Command to disable log loading options temporarily.
+ Combined quickfilter: Source+EventID.
- Lots of minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.3 (2010-Jul-06)

+ Task Scheduler
+ Taskbar tabs in Windows 7/2008 R2
+ Column configuration
* Improved Data Execution Protection (DEP) compatibility
* Improved export to XLSX
* Memory consumption optimized
- Fixed problem with incorrect margins on printed documents
- Memory leaks fixed
- Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.2 (2009-Dec-23)

+ Export to Excel 2007
+ Option to store temporary data on disk instead of memory.
* Significantly decreased memory consumption.
* User interface improvements.
* Default log files location is stored in the workspace.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.1 (2009-Jul-10)

+ Added event log and event log file merging.
+ Time correction for any log views.
+ Added default prefilter by Event ID (see Log Window Defaults).
+ Added default description server option.
+ Added default color coding (see Log Window Defaults->Appearance).
* Improved description and category reading.
- Date-time in Event Properties displayed incorrectly - fixed.
- Date-time exported incorrectly during raw export - fixed.
- Fixed bug with long data truncation.
- Some long regular expressions in filter work incorrectly - fixed.
- Fixed Windows 2000 compatibility issue.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.0 (2008-May-13)

+ Totaly rewritten event log caching - it's database compatible now.
* Improved compatibility with Windows Vista x64.
+ You can specify a server where Event Log Explorer will look for descriptions.
* Visual styles support (MS Office-like, Whidbey).
* Filtering is up to 10 times faster than in version 2.x.
* User interface improvements.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.2.5 (2007-Nov-13)

- Fixed a bug which could extremely slow down event log loading process.

Version 2.2 (2007-Aug-09)

! Free license doesn't expire anymore.
+ Save displayed or selected events to EVT file added.
+ Bookmarking by criteria added.
+ Export and print binary data.
+ Support of 3GB address space (/3GB switch in boot.ini).
+ Event description dialog added.
+ Added languages (Russian, Polish).
+ Localizing module added.
* Imporved filter/search by user and computer.
* Memory consumption optimized.
* Some internal improvements.
- Fixed compatibility issue with data execution protection on Vista.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.1 (2007-Mar-01)

+ Direct access to .evt files added.
+ Batch backup utility and backup integration option added.
+ Added Event ID color coding options.
* Imporved Vista compatibility.
* Log files can be added to the tree.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.0 (2006-Nov-25)

* Documentation updated.
* EULA modified.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.0 beta (2006-Nov-08)

+ 2 user interface models added (MDI and TDI).
+ Event log backup to any computer.
+ You can display event description in the event list.
+ You can filter several event logs at once.
* New memory manager - improved performance.
* Connect with different credential can now disconnect previous sessions.
- Time correction didn't work correctly on some systems - fixed.
- A lot of minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.4 beta 2 (2006-08-30)

+ Added regular expressions search/filter by description.
* Highly improved performance of large logs loading.
- Filter by source might work incorrectly for log files. Fixed.

Version 1.4 beta (2006-08-16)

+ Document-oriented concept. Workspace files to store program state.
+ Computers can grouped in the tree.
+ Property pages for computers and groups.
+ Wizard to search and bulk add computers to the tree.
+ Select font option added.
+ Time correction property added.
+ New filter/search criteria to perform more advanced filtering.
+ Support of Windows Vista logs added.
* Highly improved performance of date/time sort.
* Computers tree is now multi-selectable.
* Different user interface improvements.
- Popup menu appears again in the description box.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.3 beta 6 (2006-05-29)

* Improved performance of large logs loading.
- A lot of minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.3 beta 5 (2006-05-08)

* Some user interface improvements.
- Fixed a bug with an exception in mshtml.dll.
- A lot of minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.3 beta 4 (2006-04-13)

+ Export to Excel format.
+ Added option to open new window maximized.
+ Auto backup of event log.
+ New log loading options - prefiltering by event type.
- Fixed a bug with reading Windows NT 4.0. event logs.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.3 beta 3 (2006-03-15)

+ You can view event data in binary format.
+ Export/Import Computers Tree (into/from XML file).
+ Print events with descriptions added.
+ Print selected events added.
+ You can sort computers in the Computers Tree.
+ New Quick Filter options: select events older or younger then specified.
+ Multiply events selection (you can e.g. copy them into clipboard at once).
+ Save all logs from one computer by one command.
+ Clear all logs from one computer by one command.
+ Added events bookmarks.
* Improved preferences dialog.
* Improved partial load logics.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.3 beta 2 (2006-02-22)

+ Options to load logs partially (only fresh events).
+ New log window defaults (sort order, dimensions).
+ You can associate Event Log Explorer with EVT files.
+ Option to poll for program updates automatically.
+ Added exception catching.
* Event logs are loaded in background - you don't have to wait until a log will be loaded.
* URLs in event descriptions are now clickable.
- Some descriptions were displayed incompletely - fixed.
- Fixed a bug with date/time filtering.
- Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.3 beta (2006-01-03)

+ Export event description along with the event data.
+ Option to lookup event information in public event knowledge bases.
+ Added inverted quick filter (NOT EQUAL).
+ Option to open items by a single-click, select by point.
+ Drag and drop of EVT file on Event Log Explorer main window.
+ You can copy current event to a clipboard.
+ Added a command to Computers Tree popup menu that closes all related event logs.
* Computers tree now can save its state.
* Some user interface improvements.
- Date and time in report were displayed as UTC date/time - time zone corrected.
- Sort order problem is fixed in report.
- Fixed a bug with incorrect date and time export.
- Export text file could contain extra paragraph breaks - fixed.
- After filter clearing, the last selected event went away - fixed.

Version 1.2 (2005-06-11)

+ Logon As dialog appears if the access denied failure occurs when connecting remote computers.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.2 beta 2 (2005-05-28)

+ Added command line options.
* Computer tree now works asynchronously.
* Minimal refresh interval changed to 1 second.
- Fixed a bug with event id search/filter criteria.
- Fixed a bug with incorrect description displaying from remote computers when administrative shares were disabled.
- Saving the remote event logs now works correctly.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.2 beta 1 (2005-05-17)

+ Added auto-refresh commands.
+ Added new "!" operator for event ID filter/search criteria.
+ Added event list navigator.
+ Added new event log window preferences.
* Totally changed filter behavior - no cascaded filters anymore (except quick filters).
- Refresh command does remember filter condition.
- Fixed minor bugs.

Version 1.1 beta 2 (2005-04-19)

+ New report preferences added.
* Improved autosave options (log window keeps position, sorting modes, etc).
* Improved user interface.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.1 beta (2005-03-26)

+ Event ID exception criteria added.
+ Set of confirmations options added.
+ Set of autosave options added (it is possible to keep window size, position and opened logs).
+ Event Log Window options added.
* Highly improved performance on getting event descriptions.
- Fixed a problem with getting event descriptions from remote computers.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.0 beta (2005-03-10)

first beta version.


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