Event Log Explorer Viewer
 user guide

9.2. Log Properties

To display the log properties dialog, select the log in the tree, click right mouse button on it and select Properties from the context menu. Alternatively click the right mouse button on the log view and select Log Properties.
Log file name - name of the log file and its location.
File size - size of the log file in kilobytes (and bytes).
File created - when the log file was created.
File modified -when the log file was modified. Note that due to caching you can see events generated after this time.
File accessed - when the log file was accessed.
Maximum log size - log file size will not exceed this value.
When maximum log size is reached:
Overwrite events as needed - when the log is full, the newest events will replace the oldest.
Do not overwrite events (clear log manually) - if the log is full, you should clear it manually. Note that non-administrative users will not be able to logon if the log is full.
Backup log automatically - log will be saved as a file and the emptied.
Clear Log - empties event log.